Brilliant Distinctions

How to Register

1. Log in to and click on “Register.”
2. Make sure you enter the correct birthday and read and accept the terms and conditions.
3. Click the “Finish” button.
4. Click “Log In Now” to access your new home page.

Make sure to note your Member Number. You can either use your Member Number or email address to access your Brilliant Distinctions account.

Getting Started

1. The “myInfo” tab contains your contact information and email address. Go back to this tab if you ever need to update your information or change your password.

How to Earn Points

Make Appointment with DS-DiAngelis Skin and Lips to find out if a qualifying Allergan treatment or product is right for you.
2. After you’ve purchased a qualifying treatment or product, we will issue you points. You’ll then receive an email confirming the points you earned for the purchase. You’ll then be able to redeem those points for savings on your next treatment or product purchase.

The more points you earn, the more you’ll save.

You can also earn points on every purchase each time you shop the leading retailers at the Brilliant Distinctions Mall.

How To Use Points

Use your points for savings on qualifying Allergan products and treatments.

1. When you’re ready to use your points, just log into your home page. You’ll see your available points displayed under Activity Overview.
2. Click on Create A Coupon. You’ll see a drop down menu that shows available coupon types, uses and dollar amounts based on how many points you have. You can print coupons for up to $80 off your next qualified Allergan purchase. Once you’ve selected the coupon amount you’d like, just click Print Coupon. Make sure to take your coupon with you on your next appointment. The coupons must be used within 60 days of creation so don’t let yours expire.

Brilliant Distinctions FAQs

How can I earn points?
There are multiple ways to earn points in the Brilliant Distinctions program:

1. BOTOX® Cosmetic – because an interval of 3 months is indicated between BOTOX® Cosmetic treatments, you should not have any treatments in between and, therefore, you will not be issued points unless treatments are 3 months apart.
2. JUVÉDERM® XC treatments
3. Purchase of LATISSE® kits
4. Purchase of SkinMedica non-prescription products
5. Shopping at the Brilliant Distinctions Mall

Do points ever expire?
Yes, points expire 9 months from the date issued.

How do I change my name or other information, like an email address?
Log in to your account on and click on “myInfo” to update your information.

For questions regarding your Brilliant Distinctions account, please contact Allergan’s Customer Support Line: 1-888-324-2745
(9AM to 8PM EST, M-F)

Earn Points and Save Money

Earn Points and Save Money